ENG 101: Writing In/Of Environment (Spring ’16)

Artwork by Andie ThramsArtwork by Andie Thrams

On this page you will find assigned readings, the syllabus, and links to student websites for ENG 101: Writing In/Of Environment (Department of English and Writing Program, Emory University).

11:00am-11:50am MWF (section 008)
noon-12:50pm MWF (section 001)

ENG 101: Writing In/Of Environment Syllabus, Christina M. Colvin, Spring 2016 (April 1 update)

William Cronon, “The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature”
David Orr, “Four Challenges of Sustainability”
Kathleen Blake Yancey, “Made Not Only in Words: Composition in a New Key”
Rob Nixon, “Slow Violence and Environmental Storytelling”
Henry David Thoreau, “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For”
Sarah Jaquette Ray, “Maimed Away from Mother Earth”: The Disabled Body in Environmental Thought and Literature (excerpt)
Rachel Carson, “A Fable for Tomorrow” from Silent Spring
Lisa Benton Short and John Ronnie Short, “The City and Nature”
Sustainability at Tyson Foods
Sustainability Snapshot, Smithfield
Spy Drones Expose Smithfield Foods Factory Farms
Sy Montgomery, “Deep Intellect”
Visual Rhetoric: Analyzing Visual Documents
Val Plumwood, “Prey to a Crocodile”
Bill McKibben, The End of Nature (excerpt)
Kimberly N. Ruffin, Black on Earth: African American Ecoliterary Traditions (excerpt)
Elizabeth Kolbert, “The Darkening Sea”
ENG 101 Research Guide
“Research Overview” and “Evaluating Sources of Information”
How to Use a Source: The BEAM Method

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