ENG 101: Composing Animals (Fall ’15)

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On this page you will find assigned readings, the syllabus, and links to student websites for ENG 101: Composing Animals (Department of English and Writing Program, Emory University).

STUDENT WEBSITES (links no longer active due to the expiration of students’ website subscriptions):
noon-12:50pm MWF (section 009)
3:00pm-3:50pm MWF (section 010)

ENG 101: Composing Animals Syllabus, Christina M. Colvin, Fall 2015

“The Moral Status of Mice” by Hal Herzog
“The Animal Liberation Movement” by Peter Singer
“Proud to Be a Speciesist” by Stephen Rose
“Analyzing Visual Documents” from the Purdue OWL
“Why Mouse Genetics?” from The Jackson Laboratory
“Mice and Rats in Research” from the Anti-Vivisection Society
“A unique biomedical resource at risk”

NIH to reduce significantly the use of chimpanzees in research
“Retired chimps might cost Emory millions”

“Why does Copenhagen Zoo euthanize a giraffe?”
“Don’t Presume to Know a Pig’s Mind” by Blake Hurst
Chipotle commercial, “Back to the Start”
Excerpt from In Meat We Trust by Maureen Ogle
Excerpt from The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams
Mark Ryden, “The Meat Show”
Dimitri Tsykalov, “Meat Weapons”
Marije Vogelzang, “Faked Meat”
“Bacon Scarf”
“Calling All Carnivores: Tell Us Why It’s Ethical to Eat Meat: A Contest”
The winning response to the above NYT contest
“Research Overview” from the Purdue OWL
“Evaluating Sources of Information” from the Purdue OWL
“Puppies and Broken Hearts” by Hal Herzog
“Why Animals Really Matter” by Marc Bekoff
“Anthropomorphism and Anthropomorphic Selection—Beyond the ‘Cute Response’” by James Serpell
BEAM: A vocabulary to help us understand how we are using sources in academic writing
“Mazes” by Ursula LeGuin

ENG 101 Research Guide
ENG 101 Reflective Portfolio Letter Assignment

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